This Hot Fix is applicable to SLNet 5.0. This hotfix is to resolve an issue with the Auto Logon by IP feature of SLNet 5.0. When a user is connecting to SLNet from and IP address that has been configured in the Auto Logon IPS tab the user is still prompted for a user name and password. The issue is caused by the software ignoring the comma terminator between the last IP number and the user name when reading the values in the AutoLogonIP registry value. The download includes the file slnet.exe ver. and ReadMeSLNetHF-04022013.txt.
SLNet64 bit_UpgradeThis update applies to SLNet 5.0. The purpose of this update is to allow SLNet to call the windows 64 bit cmd.exe shell in order to run 64 bit command line based programs. With this update applied SLNet 5.0 is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit command line based programs.
SLNET 6.0 Login IssueUser = Demo

PW = DPDwkcpxr58

File name:


SLclient32A fully featured, secure 32-bit Telnet client for Windows NT/2000 only (works with SLnet 2.6 or below) Support for this utility comes with purchase of SLNet.
SetPassThis command-line utility allows the current user to change his or her own password on NT.
consoleclientA third-party Telnet client with full color ANSI support for Windows NT/95/2000/2003 console. (includes Release.txt, License.txt, Telnet.exe and Keys.cfg)